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Yvette Sapp- Digital Portfolio

I have learned a great deal as a student in the M. Ed. in Educational Technology Program. When I first started the program, I didnít know how I would like the idea of distant learning. I was so unfamiliar with the online community, that at times I really felt like throwing in the towel. Every semester, I declared it to be my last and now that I am at my last, I must say Iím glad I kept going. I can honestly say that it was worth the time. In fact, the reason why I chose this program was to enhance my training delivery at my current job.

A twenty-first-century education incorporates technology in the classroom and learning different Web 2.0 tools is essential in the reinvention of the classroom setting. My prior knowledge only entailed a very short list of programs I was familiar with Ė just PowerPoint. However, after talking EDET 603 and 703, I was exposed to many design and development tools. I increased my graphics skills like how to animate and edit images using LunaPic, Adobe Photoshop, Blue Griffon, and Dreamweaver. These programs allowed me to create images using special effects such as layering objects, using filers, cropping images with a lasso, making 3D, greyscale, and black and white images. Additionally, I learned how to record and edit audio using Audacity. These two courses were challenging to me; I spent hours on google and YouTube trying to figure out how to use the software mentioned.

The Educational Technology program also taught me about instructional design (ID) such as ADDIE and MRK and how to apply it when creating instruction. The ADDIE instructional design model has given me the ability to storyboard and plan instruction and other activities. In EDET 709, 755, and 780, I began to apply those learning theories in class assignments that involved the design and development of instruction. However, it was in EDET 650, I got to use the ADDIE model to develop instruction with the collaboration with the Richland/Lexington Adult Education and the instruction design and production staff at my job to design and develop an online module on careers in the child support field.

Courses 722 and 735 have taught me how to identify individuals with special needs, utilizing Universal Design to ensure that the learning environment is inclusive for all. Accommodations such as using alternate text when using images and being conscience about appropriate colors and test size and to avoid flashing images are helpful techniques for the sensory impaired population. A Web Accessibility Tool was used to ensure my web sites are accessible. The skills in EDET 722 and 735, in addition to 746 are skills that can be used as I collaborate with the instructional design unit at my job as we develop curriculum.

Another skill I acquired, was the use of HTML coding. This was a very challenging course as I have never used it, never the less heard of it. When using HTML raw coding, one must have patience, a good eye, and a clear association of each attribute. I used HTML coding for all of my website projects except for EDET 603 and that was because I had that class prior to learning how to code. For some reason, I am beginning to like using raw coding, now, thatís not to say that I am good at it because I still classify myself as a novice, but it has struck my curiosity. I see it as putting together a puzzle that has small prices; it will take lots of time to do, but the final project is rewarding. I havenít yet ventured with fancy landscapes (Iím still a novice), but Iím proud of what Iíve acquired thus far.

My goal is to use all the skills from this program and incorporate in my current position. As a trainer, I will continue to find ways to enhance the learning environment to deliver instruction that will foster participation and transfer knowledge to the learner in a way that allows them to receive the information and apply that information to their job or their life.
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